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The Galley in downtown Saint Petersburg Florida is a great and relatively new local tavern.

The delicious sandwich pictured is the filet mignon sandwich and is absolutely delicious.

The Galley is located directly to the south of the downtown Post Office at 27 4th Street N.  It’s in the space that used to house Reno’s Downtown Joint if you remember that place.

The Galley is set apart primarily by its rich wood interior and dedication to great eats. It’s an intimate setting, even in the brightest part of the lunch hour when we were there, the lighting was low not to hide any type of seediness but to let the wood and richness of the atmosphere take hold.

It’s not a large place, but it is friendly. I was there on a Sunday during football playoffs, and there were a fair number of folks there who were enjoying themselves and watching the game.

Personally, I’d find it novel to get a pub without televisions on every wall. Honestly even finding a restaurant nowadays that doesn’t have a TV in every eye direction is worthy of note. I have nothing against sports, taking in more than my fair number of Premier League matches. And overall the televisions are to be expected in a tavern/pub.

My wife had eaten here before and I was looking to try something new. We each chose the Filet Mignon sandwiches, which sounded positively wonderful. We’re big fans of filet and are more of the “quality than quantity” mindset. So just to warn upfront, this is a 20$ sandwich.

The sandwiches were good, above an average sandwich, but according to my wife a little chewier than they had been when she’d had them previously. I’d have to agree. Filet prepared properly should split off with the grain, and should lack the chewiness of some of the other beef cuts. This was more in the prime rib territory. Which, is great if you’re looking for a prime rib. Perhaps it was just because it was Sunday, they hadn’t been resupplied in a while and the chef substituted because hey it’s filet on a sandwich who will notice?

So I can’t recommend the Filet Mignon Sandwich with a clear conscious without that caveat. It can be worth it, but just keep that quality swing in mind.

Mandibular efforts aside, The Galley is a wonderful addition to the downtown St Pete landscape. I found myself wishing that I could gather 6 or 7 people together there and watch a game. I wanted to have my Yeti on the racks ready for me to come strolling in. And overall I found it a rewarding and warm experience and find myself wanting to go back sooner rather than later.

Strange I know for a place that didn’t blow me away with the food, but hey who doesn’t love a good tavern?

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