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What’s it cost?

What all goes into making a podcast?  There’s three key areas where the funds go.

Audio Equipment

While you can technically podcast with a $15 headset and a computer, a little equipment greatly enhances the audio quality and listening experience.

Currently we utilize a multiple condenser microphones and stands for interviews, a mixing board, and assorted cables, adapters, memory cards to make all this work.  Then some extras such as heavy duty power banks to power this stuff for on site interviews where there might not necessarily be a power outlet.


I’m not a professional by any stretch of the imagination, and the most important part of creating something is knowing your weaknesses.  That’s why I hire it out!

His name’s Johnathon and he’s awesome, and he’s based in the UK.  There’s also some assistants involved that get the files, audio and images to the correct places that make sure it shows up on your iPhone, Android, or Youtube feed.


Finally it costs some coin for some the internet real estate to host these files and have them quickly available for rapid download.

In addition to the web server you’re reading this on, we also have a podcast media file host that actually distributes the files to thousands of people.  We also have  a few feed services that push Great Things Tampa Bay to Spreaker and I Heart Radio.

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