It takes two to tango. It takes 5 to make a podcast.

Kyle Sasser

Host, Realtor

Kyle Sasser is a lifelong Florida Native.  He’s lived from Lakeland to St Petersburg and many point in between, and has built up a brainopedia about the history, places, and people of  the Tampa Bay area.  He might not have a degree in Tampaology, but he could definitely help write the book.

With interests from pretty rocks to comic books, activities from sailing to soccer, and cuisine from Lebanese to Soul Food, rest assured that you will find something in this podcast that you’ll wish you knew about sooner.

He’s also a really nice guy, very honest and helpful with any questions, and if I do say so myself, an undiscovered Brad Pitt.


Segeant At Arms

Her name is French and means “a jewel or small precious trinket”, but don’t let the disguise fool you. This authoritarian has the eyes of a hawk and the willpower of an angry goat. She keeps everyone in line and on task, including your lovable host.

And yes she has an instagram

“Raps” Rapscallion

Sultan of Snooze

You can always count on Raps to show us how to take it easy.  From sunbeams to biscuit making, he takes us back to island time and reminds us of what’s important.

He’s also the Sergeant at Arms’ partner in crime, has a taste for paper, and is the most affectionate cat you’ve ever met.


The Hermit

So named because when young he carried a bolt of fabric everywhere.  He’s an enigmatic but still sweet feline.

He mostly keeps to himself nowadays, and wasn’t too perturbed by the arrival of young puppy Bijou, mainly because his world had already been ruined by the arrival of a young orange kitten before that.


She Who Must Be Obeyed

We’re a great pair her and I, and I wouldn’t know what to do without her!

She’s an absolute beaut, a gem of a gal, a dime among nickels.  We have great adventures living and building a life together, and if I had to do it all over again the only thing I’d change would be to meet her sooner!

And no, she’s not looking over my shoulder as I type this why do you ask?

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