Episode 33 - Tampa Bay Club Sport interview with Ian Elston

by Kyle Sasser and Ian Elston | We talk about running adult sports leagues, and Rec Dec opening on Gandy.

Show Notes

Sports are a big part of the Tampa Bay area, from kids to adults!  Today I interview Ian Elston with Tampa Bay Club Sports.

No matter what sport or “sport” (looking at you,  cornhole!) you love to play, TBCS probably runs a league for it close to you no matter what part of the bay you’re on. We also chat about the Rec Dec, a local spot TBCS is working on opening on Gandy.

Music today by AEGEA!

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Tampa Bay Club Sports

Tampa Bay Club Sports

  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • Kickball
  • FootBall

The Rec Dec


Rec Dec

Oldest Tree in the World

The oldest tree in the world is a Bristlecone Pine in the southwest United States.


Kyle Sasser is a Tampa Bay Native as well as a local Realtor.  If you’re looking to find your own great place in Tampa Bay I’d love to help!

Great Things Tampa Bay is hosted and produced by Kyle Sasser.

There was no paid advertising in this episode.  All recommendations are given based on personal experiences.

Also featuring bumper music by Author:Oscar Woods Title:”Dont Sell It Dont Give It Away”.


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