Episode 31 - Goat Yoga, music by The Young Something

The Most Fun You Can Have with Four Hooves


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You might have heard rumors about Goat Yoga… well we went and did the thing!

My wife and I got our downward dog on and our bleeting hearts melted at  Grady Goat Yoga in Thonotosassa!  You’ll need to book weeks out in advance, it’s very therapeutic and yes the goats jump all over you without prompting.

Music this episode by The Young Something!

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Grady Goat Yoga

Grady Goat Yoga in Thonotosassa!

12551 Franklin Rd, Thonotosassa, FL 33592

Currently they are booking at least a month out.

Proceeds go to the Grady Goat Foundation, a children’s foundation for kids with disabilities.


Grady Goat Yoga @ Hat Trick Ranch

The Young Something

Music by The Young Something – Wrong With Me

The Young Something is fronted by Alex Bonyata and Bella Beyer. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, they started performing and writing together when they met at the Grammy Museum’s Music Revolution Project in 2015. Since then they have expanded to a full band, and have been busy traveling and performing throughout the Southeast.

Their unique sound and musical prowess has led them to play alongside acts such as Foreigner, Andy Grammer, Toby Keith, and Ringo Starr. Recently, they recorded their premier EP as The Young Something in Nashville and released it on Valentines Day of 2018.

While Alex’s main instrument is guitar, he is well versed in many instruments and directs the production aspect of the band. Alongside Bella’s unique vocal qualities and style, they create a dynamic and rich sonic palette. Throughout their debut EP, you’ll find driving guitars, lush synths, and a pounding rhythm section complemented by atmospheric vocal samples and vivid lyricism.


There are roughly 7 people in the world that look exactly like you.  You have a 9% chance of running into them.


Kyle Sasser is a Tampa Bay Native as well as a local Realtor.  If you’re looking to find your own great place in Tampa Bay I’d love to help!

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Also featuring bumper music by Author:Oscar Woods Title:”Dont Sell It Dont Give It Away”.


Hey everybody. This is Kyle Sasser, “Great Things Tampa Bay” and this is Episode three one, 31 of “Great Things Tampa Bay.” And what do we talk about today? We are talking about goats, but not just goats on the side of the road, we are talking about goat yoga. So two four-letter words that you probably never anticipating being paired together. That has turned into something that’s kinda sweeping the nation here so let’s just dive in.

So my wife loves goats and not like she likes watching goat videos like she really, really likes goats. You know, she kinda gets squealy when she sees them and, you know, she wants a farm with a bunch of animals and stuff like that. Little tough to do in our current position over in St. Petersburg but, you know, it’s a dream down the road.

So anyway, I… It was actually someone affiliated with one of my previous episodes. So in Episode 19, I interviewed Markets for Makers and then one of the people affiliated with Markets for Makers reached out to me and, you know, I started following their blog and that sort of things. They gave me a mention for a Dog Bar, which was Episode 21. So the Market for Makers’ episode was 19. So, if you’re interested in markets, listen to that one. If you got a dog, listen to Episode 21, that’s the Dog Bar episode.

So anyway, sorry. That was a very long way to get around to this. So she wrote a post on “Best places to do things in St. Petersburg.” One of them was dog bar and then I was reading the blog post and then below that, she mentioned goat yoga and I was like, “Oh, well. My wife likes goats.” So I did a little bit of research. Apparently, there’s one or two of these around, they are very booked up. Usually, you have to book them out like a month in advance.

And yeah, I mean, I say goat yoga and I feel like that kind of paints the picture in your mind. So you go to a farm and you do some yoga and there’s goats there, baby goats. And what happens is as, you know, as you’re leaning over and getting into your yoga positions, the goats jump all over you. And, yeah. Not a lot of, I mean, some yoga gets done, not a lot but, you know, lots of goat petting also goes on.

So we actually went to Grady Goat Yoga which is based up in Zephyrhills. Not Zephyrhills, Sorry. Thonotosassa. So basically takes Interstate 75, you know what I mean, it’s all just kinda out there. It’s kinda close to Lake Thonotosassa, if you know where that’s at. So the name is Grady Goat Yoga and what they actually do, they’re actually a charity foundation. And they had a goat that was born blind and with, you know, some other issues and, you know, they kinda touched their heart a little bit so they started, you know, doing yoga to raise money for children’s charities that are also have similar issues to this goat whose name was Grady.

So basically you show up there, and like I said you have to book with at least a month out at least. And you show up and, you know, you get your mat situated. They got some quilts kinda covering up the fences so the goats don’t go crazy and all that stuff. And then, you know they kinda let the goats out and the goats do goat things. They, you know, these little baby goats, they come out, they jump around, you know, they’re very active, to begin with. And then you start doing yoga. So, you know, you get into your position, your downward dogs. Basically, as soon as they see a section of body that is any sort of not even level surface but just something that they could kind of plant their little baby hooves into, they basically jump there. So my wife, right off the bat, kind of leaned forward a bit and yeah, baby goat just jump right up on her shoulders. It was really cute.

And, you know, there’s some goat poop involved, just, you know, they’re babies they just kinda do what they do. But it’s not bad, it’s really dry and pebbly and they do have helpers there with a towel and a squirt bottle to clean off everything. But like I said, you know, it’s goat yoga, a little bit more focus on the goats than the yoga. That was basically, it’s about probably an hour or so of like actual yoga stuff. You can hang out and play with the goats. The owner actually brought a…like less than 24-hour old baby goat out to let everyone hold and absolutely cute. And they also make goat cheese which is good and very affordable. They got some T-Shirts and for those of you that know that I have a sweet tooth, they also make goat fudge which was very, very good. I mean, I can’t say that I’ve ever had a bad fudge but this one was actually a very good fudge.

So, yes. So that’s, I mean, what more can you say? It’s goat yoga. it’s not the only goat yoga around, you know, naturally because it’s the one I did that, you know, I have familiar with it and just by default, it’s kinda my personal favorite. I’ve seen stories written up in New York City and various other areas around where like this is kind of, you know, a new fun thing to do. I guess it’s kinda like fidget spinners but with goats and yoga mats.

And we are going to be putting on a goat yoga event. I don’t have a date booked, but it should be within the next two months. So, when you hear this and you’re interested, go to the website, greatthingstb.com and go to our event section and we’re gonna have a goat yoga event. And you’re welcome to come. I’d love for you to come out, hang out, play with some goats. You can meet me, my wife should be there because I don’t know if you’re remembered but she loves goats.

So yeah, I mean, what more can I say? It’s baby goats and yoga and a lot of fun. There wasn’t one person that left with a frown. Everyone, you know, you kinda know what you’re getting and it absolutely delivered and yeah, a very satisfying experience. And I think also that, you know, the people that this would not appeal to, you know, the name just kinda gets that across like, “Hey, you know, I’m not terribly interested in that.” You know, it’s goats. You know, if you don’t like goats, you’re probably not gonna like goat yoga. But if you do like goats, boy, do I have a place for you.

And now, segment two, your facts. There are roughly seven people in the world who look exactly like you and you have a 9% chance that you’ll run into one of them in your lifetime.

All right. So that wraps up this episode of “Great Things Tampa Bay,” goat yoga. So, once again go to our website greatthingstb.com and we will have goat events as well as other events. We do other things besides goats. I’m also 39-year Tampa Bay native and also a licensed realtor. So if you’re looking for your own great place here in Tampa, I would love to help you find it and you can reach out to me for real estate related matters by going to the website greatthingstb.com and across the top there, you’ll find a link there for it.

So playing us out today is The Young Something’s Wrong With Me and this was a pretty good song when I popped up on my playlist. So I do get a lot of submissions for music. I can tell you, I do screen it all, I don’t just throw up whatever somebody sends me. I do have some requirements. So I do like a wide range of music from bluegrass to, you know, hip-hop to newer EDM stuff. And I like it all and I’m happy to feature them all.

My two requirements more so is that the song structure has to be good, the singing or playing needs to be mostly held together. You know, like a, you know, it’s, I mean, sometimes I make exceptions if it’s especially interesting in other ways but, you know, if you can’t carry a tune, you know, just… I know I don’t really wanna listen to it so I’m assuming my listeners don’t either. And the production value has to be acceptable. I’ve gotten some submissions where like I just, I can’t hear the person. Because the, you know, the drum track or whatever is too loud and just in the background, you’re just hearing like [inaudible 00:09:25]. Yeah, not fun to listen to.

But The Young Something here, they’re pretty good. And I like the song, got a few other ones from them that we’ll play in later episodes. If you would like some more information on Grady Goat Yoga or The Young Something, I am putting links in the show notes, so just look the details here.

Thanks for tuning in. And once again this is The Young Something’s Wrong With Me.


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