Episode 31 - Goat Yoga, music by The Young Something

The Most Fun You Can Have with Four Hooves


Show Notes

You might have heard rumors about Goat Yoga… well we went and did the thing!

My wife and I got our downward dog on and our bleeting hearts melted at  Grady Goat Yoga in Thonotosassa!  You’ll need to book weeks out in advance, it’s very therapeutic and yes the goats jump all over you without prompting.

Music this episode by The Young Something!

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Grady Goat Yoga

Grady Goat Yoga in Thonotosassa!

12551 Franklin Rd, Thonotosassa, FL 33592

Currently they are booking at least a month out.

Proceeds go to the Grady Goat Foundation, a children’s foundation for kids with disabilities.


Grady Goat Yoga @ Hat Trick Ranch

The Young Something

Music by The Young Something – Wrong With Me

The Young Something is fronted by Alex Bonyata and Bella Beyer. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, they started performing and writing together when they met at the Grammy Museum’s Music Revolution Project in 2015. Since then they have expanded to a full band, and have been busy traveling and performing throughout the Southeast.

Their unique sound and musical prowess has led them to play alongside acts such as Foreigner, Andy Grammer, Toby Keith, and Ringo Starr. Recently, they recorded their premier EP as The Young Something in Nashville and released it on Valentines Day of 2018.

While Alex’s main instrument is guitar, he is well versed in many instruments and directs the production aspect of the band. Alongside Bella’s unique vocal qualities and style, they create a dynamic and rich sonic palette. Throughout their debut EP, you’ll find driving guitars, lush synths, and a pounding rhythm section complemented by atmospheric vocal samples and vivid lyricism.


There are roughly 7 people in the world that look exactly like you.  You have a 9% chance of running into them.


Kyle Sasser is a Tampa Bay Native as well as a local Realtor.  If you’re looking to find your own great place in Tampa Bay I’d love to help!

Great Things Tampa Bay is hosted and produced by Kyle Sasser.

There was no paid advertising in this episode.  All recommendations are given based on personal experiences.

Also featuring bumper music by Author:Oscar Woods Title:”Dont Sell It Dont Give It Away”.


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