St Petersburg Pier We Go Red Inverted Pier T-Shirt




If there’s one thing St Pete has had a lot of practice with, it’s holding meetings, talking about, and making plans for pier building.  Having built 3 piers, with one under now, and having gone through multiple planning phases, public discussions, and votes, you could say that The Sunshine City is a practiced hand at it.

You might even be so bold to say they are…. without peer.

Puns and political arguments aside, share your frustration pierspective with Wide Sky’s PIer We Go Again T-shirt!

What the tshirt made of, besides awesomeness?  It’s a Next Level Tri-Blend t-shirt.  What’s that mean?  It means that this tshirt is soft, soft, soft and high quality.  No shrinky-dink t-shirts here!

This tee created by Wide Sky, a local Tampa Bay t-shirt designer.

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Weight 6 oz


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