St Petersburg Green Bench Sitting Team T-Shirt




St Pete is known for two things… it’s sunshine and it’s popularity as a retirement destination.  But the third thing it’s most well known for is (arguably) the Green Benches that used to line Central Ave!

While these downtown icons are now mostly missing from the Central Ave landscape, replaced instead by parking meters and cafe chairs, they live on as the branding for such lustrious downtown business as Green Bench Brewing, Green Bench Monthly, Green Bench Flowers, etc etc.

Show your local knowledge and appreciation for quality sitting apparatus maybe most importantly your nostalgia with Wide Sky’s Green Bench Sitting Team T-Shirt.

What the tshirt made of, besides awesomeness?  It’s a Next Level Tri-Blend t-shirt.  What’s that mean?  It means that this tshirt is soft, soft, soft and high quality.  No shrinky-dink t-shirts here!

This tee created by Wide Sky, a local Tampa Bay t-shirt designer.

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Weight 6 oz


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