St Pete Not All Who Wander Are Lost T-Shirt




The St Pete Flag has a pelican on it.  Do you think his name is Pete?  Seems only appropriate.  If his name is Paul or Patrick, that’d definitely be a missed opportunity.

Anyways, if you get lost in St Pete, you won’t be lost long.  The peninsula is only 15 miles wide, with a big old interstate right down the middle of it.  And yes, Iknow the wandering being spoken of is more a state of mind than a compass direction.

What the tshirt made of, besides awesomeness?  It’s a Next Level Tri-Blend t-shirt.  What’s that mean?  It means that this tshirt is soft, soft, soft and high quality.  No shrinky-dink t-shirts here!

This tee created by Wide Sky, a local Tampa Bay t-shirt designer.

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Weight 6 oz


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