Music is a big part of the Tampa Bay landscape, and I want to do my part to help promote YOU.

I describe Great Things Tampa Bay as “All the great eats, great places and great people in the Greater Tampa Bay area”.

It’s now time to include all the Great Music Tampa Bay has to offer.

I would like to share your music with my listeners.

It benefits everyone.  You reach my interested and engaged listeners and they become aware of your work.  My listeners hear cool local music and might come out and see one of your shows.  And it benefits me by giving me that warm fuzzy happy feeling of helping build my local community.

And the beauty of a podcast is it’s always there finding new listeners day in and day out without any additional work.

Keep reading if you’re game to get your music out to the masses in a new and novel way.


How To Submit

Simply fill out the form below and attach up to three tracks.  This offer is open to any genre. I have wide ranging musical appreciation.  But please give real information only.  I will need to email you a release form.

What You'll Get

Your song will be featured on the Great Things Tampa Bay podcast.  We’ll also mention your band, the track name, and a link to your page both on the air and as a link in our show notes.   This will stay on the internet forever… or at least as long as I keep paying the bills 🙂

What Else Do I have To Do?

In exchange for being featured on Great Things Tampa Bay, you agree to give you fans a link to the episode.  Mentions or links on email lists or Facebook are preferred, Instagram @greatthingstb will work in a pinch.  I also have some “Episode Cards” if you want something physical to give out… perfect for your merch table!

How will my music be used?

a: We will use your music as background, lead in, lead out and closing segments.  It will also be used in some promotions.


Where is Great Things Tampa Bay distributed?

a: Currently Great Things Tampa Bay is distributed on our Website, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, I Heart Radio and Youtube.


What else is there?

a: You will receive a mention on the show as long as a recommendation to follow the link on our show notes to the band page you designate.

What’s the legal stuff?

a: We do put a licensing agreement in place between you as the creator and Great Things Tampa Bay.  Basically it’s giving written permission to Great Things Tampa Bay to use your artistic creation in the composition and promotion of our episodic content.

Submit your Band! (10MB File Limit)

Thank you for choosing to be a part of Great Things Tampa Bay.

If you have other concerns, ideas, or questions, please use the “Contact Us” link to…. well, contact me.

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