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Strawberry Festival


Florida State Fair?

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That’s right Tampanians, it’s getting close to festival time.

But it’s an age-old debate right?  Which one to go to?  Can’t go to both, that’d be crazy!

Though I do know some people that go to both.  And I believe they would admit that they are, indeed, a little crazy.

So Florida State Fair or Strawberry Festival?

The basics of both are similar.  Rides.  Exhibits.  Fried food.  Carnival barkers and pitch men slinging their wares.  Games that will spawn countless depates on if they’re rigged or not (hint, they are).

Does it come down to what part of the county you’re from? Or is there a full on crowd favorite?

Does the country music concentration bring the Strawberry Festival above the fold, or does the State Fair’s proximity to the urban center make it the fan favorite?


Do we really have to decide?

I think the one thing we can agree on is we all will consume way too many calories, take a spin on the Moonraker a few too many times, and spend way more than we were anticipating in an effort to win that stuffed bear for your loved one. Bonus points for you when they look at you with the “Come on, it can’t be that hard!  You’re embarrassing us” look.

What’s the State Fair have over the Strawberry Festival?  It’s massive.  Huge.  Giganto.  Sweeping vistas of carnival rides, exhibits, livestock, products and goods.  And Cracker Country, the Fair’s exhibit depicting early florida life.

What’s the Strawberry Festival got that the Fair ain’t? (Can you tell I’m a local?)  Strawberries.  Tons of them.  And a quieter, small town vibe that will appeal to many out there.  But make no mistake, the Strawberry Festival packs the heat when it comes to both entertainment and fun to be had.  And personally, I’ve always preferred the Festival’s Midway to the Fairs but that may just be because I was born there.

So what do you think Tampa?  Which will it be?  The venerable Florida State Fair, or the indomitable Florida Strawberry Festival?

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