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Ever wonder what all goes into making a delicious strawberry, one worth of topping shortcake and being celebrated in a festival?

Episode 24 of Great Things Tampa Bay  will tell you all that and more!

I interview Bob McDowell, 15 year farmer at Fancy Farms out in Plant City, Florida and we talk everything strawberry and strawberry farming, and this interview just so happened to be conducted the day after a hard freeze which resulted in some crop damage.

Did you know that a strawberry can be larger or smaller depending on the phase of the moon?  Learn this and other great facts in this episode!

Also featuring music from a great local reggae band Trinity 7!  Trinity 7 is a family group led by Jamaican born Ras Meishak who is a dynamic song writer and bassist, and has performed with Yellowman, Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, Admiral Tibet, Eric Donaldson and many more.

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