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Great Things Tampa Bay Episode 22 has been released!  

Let out your inner Tarzan at TreeUmph Adventure Course!

TreeUmph has two locations, one in Bradenton, and one north in Brooksville. Personally, I’ve only been to the Bradenton location so far but will be visiting the Brooksville TreeUmph soon.

Upon arrival, you will see tall pine trees with steel cables, platforms strung between them and friendly staff greeting you.

Your day begins with a harness fitting, where a member of staff makes sure that you are safely secured inside the harness that you will use to traverse the various TreeUmph courses. You then sit down to watch the orientation video which thankfully is short on the jokes. Overall not too horrible and as short as necessary. Always a good thing in my book.

After viewing the video, you’re given a hands-on demonstration with the two main components of your rig: The clips, and the trolley.

If you’ve ever ziplined before, you’ll know that usually, you have a guide with you throughout the course responsible for hooking you in and transferring you to the various cables. At TreeUmph, they use a system that allows you to clip yourself in safely at all times.

The benefit of this is that it allows you to traverse the course at your own speed, and not feel like a 5-year-old with your mom or dad cinching your belt up for you at every stop. The mechanics of this system are such that one clip is closed and secured to a line at all times, safely keeping you in the treetops.

After this initial orientation, you’re then able to proceed to the beginner course where they make sure you’re able to use your kit. Obstacles include logs to balance on, tightropes, and there’s even a rope skateboard obstacle. There are cargo nets and similar for the adventurous.

Most obstacles can be completed very easily from teenagers all the way to adults. There are a few tougher sections of course only for the most determined, but it’s clearly marked and separate from the main course.

If you get into trouble, the staff is highly trained to help. They can either start with initial verbal instructions on best way to tackle an obstacle, to climbing up the obstacle to you and performing a rescue if you are too tired to continue. There’s no judgment out in the trees, they just want everyone to have a great time!

There’s also a kids course so they can get their feet wet and have fun.

Plan on spending a few hours at TreeUmph. It’s top-notch, professionally run, and a ton of fun. Also expect to be tired as you’re using muscles you’re usually neglect unless your girl’s name is Jane and you wear a leopard smock.

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