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Bring the Great Eats, Great Places, and Great People with you on our mobile app!


Great Things In Tampa Map

Find the nearest great places to eat and things to do!  Perfect for finding a new favorite restaurant in your neighborhood, or a great weekend adventure to a section of Tampa Bay you’ve never been to!  Places are sorted by type, whether it be a restaurant, something fun to do outdoors, or a cool shop you should checkout.

Once you find something that interests you, simply click on the details, and see the route to get there,  or find the link to the podcast episode!


Great Things Tampa Bay Podcast

You’ll find every episode of Great Things Tampa Bay on the mobile app, so you’ll never miss something amazing about Tampa Bay.  In addition, you’ll find our in-depth show notes with links to the businesses and locations covered in each episode.


Community and Events

On the Great Things Tampa Bay App, you’ll find a calendar of local events.  This is both for Great Things Tampa Bay experiences, such as canoeing down the Hillsborough River or dining out at a great local restaurant as well as an overall Tampa Bay calendar, so you’ll know when Ribfest, BluesFest, or when the free Art Walks are.

You’ll also be able to interact with other users of Great Things Tampa Bay, including leaving comments on episodes, leaving reviews, or interacting on the Great Things Forum!

Find Great Things

With both the podcast episodes as well as our Great Things Tampa Bay map, you’ll never be short of new and amazing experiences to try in all corners of Tampa Bay.

Interact with other Great People

Leave comments and have conversations with other people who love a great restaurant, a cool park, or an amazing and unique shop in Tampa Bay.

Event Calendar

Keep in the loop both with Great Things Tampa Bay events such as group hot air balloon rides, skydiving, or dining out at a great restaurant, as well as larger local events such as RibFest, Blues Fest, or the Gasparilla Art Festival.


Great Homes Tampa Bay

As an added bonus, you’ll also get access to Great Homes Tampa Bay, where I talk about what the local real estate market is doing.  Want to know if the market is trending up, down, or stalled?  You’ll learn all of that as well as find out what exactly a Title Company does in Great Homes Tampa Bay.


What You Get

Podcast Episodes

All Great Things Tampa Bay Podcast episodes are in the app so you can listen along on the way to work or at the gym.  In addition, you’ll also get detailed show notes and the ability to save your favorites!

Great Things TB Map

An interactive map which show great eats and great places near you, as well as details and driving directions from your current location.


Save your favorites so you’ll remember them for later!  Don’t be caught out thinking “man, wish I remember where that place was!”

Great Homes Tampa Bay

Stay up to date on the Tampa Bay Real Estate market in with Great Homes Tampa Bay.  Know if the market’s going up, down or stalled, and find out what exactly escrow is!


Find local news and other fun updates in the Great Things Tampa Bay blog!  I also bring on some guest experts from time to time to write about something fun, like alligator training.

Event Calendar

Find Great Things Tampa Bay events like tubing down a freshwater spring or dinner at Byblos, as well as larger local events such as RibFest or the Gasparilla Knight Parade!


You’ll find all of the Great Things Tampa Bay videos on the app as well.  The videos cover a wide range of usually short and interesting content.  Sometimes I take a video of the river going by, sometimes it’s me in a car talking about something crazy about the area.  Tune in and find out!


Let your voice be heard!  Leave comments on blog posts or other articles, and take part in our Great Things Tampa Bay Forum! You can also submit your own suggestions and pictures… I can’t know everything so your input is appreciated!


Could it be a massive discount at a local restaurant?  Scavenger hunt?  Prize giveaways?  There’s also something new and mysterious in the works.  Download the app to find out!

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